The Pro-GIGANTIC Government Socialist Is At It Again!


If you can’t amass voter support through normal means, one can always resort to bribery. And this is exactly what the Socialist Hillary has done. This is a sham. This a tax heavy program designed to “sound good” and have folks agree to be taxed as they have NEVER been taxed before. Here goes the economy if Hillary gets the helm…in the toilet.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is proposing a $10 billion federal program aimed at providing voluntary pre-kindergarten for all 4-year-old children in America.

The Democratic presidential candidate planned to discuss the program in remarks Monday at North Beach Elementary School in Miami Beach, Fla.

Isn’t Florida one of those “crucial” states? I guess that explains the bribe…it starts in Florida. “Under the Clinton plan, states would match federal funds made available to them dollar-for-dollar and could use the assistance to expand their existing Head Start programs.” The states would match dollar for dollar? So not only will federal taxes go up in support of the $10B bribe, but state taxes would also go up to pay for this socialist’s stupidity.

And Hillary the Queen LIAR wants and advocates smaller government? Is this how it is done?


3 Responses to “The Pro-GIGANTIC Government Socialist Is At It Again!”

  1. snooper Says:

    Here is the video link to this story…simply amazing. What a marooon this Hillary is.

  2. Dean Says:

    God help us if this woman finds her way into the WH again. My recollection of her treatment of various high ranking military officers was to treat them as manservants…you know the type like..’hol de door sur” and “mo tea missy” not to mention the foul names she called people who pissed her off.

    And wasn’t it the clintons White House staffers who trashed the place prior to leaving it?

    Oh and lest I forget, what about that Christmas Party with all the perverts running loose decorating the tree with dildo’s and other similar types of trash and garbage.

    How much did their excesses cost taxpayers? We may never know……

  3. snooper Says:

    We aren’t allowed to remember such things. It would be considered as an attack. Especially if it is founded in fact. Democrats are allergic to facts. It makes them break out into hot sweats and bad dreams.

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