Hillary Plans On Stopping Hurricanes!!


This is rich, this is: Upon first glance, this has a “sound good” resonance. Upon deeper thought, this is typical “wow them with BS” rhetoric. Hillary is good at both. It seems to me that Hillary is claiming supernatural stature and abilities with these words of wisdom(?).

“Today, Hillary Clinton announced an agenda that she would pursue as president to cut through the red tape, deliver the promised federal assistance, and get services running and infrastructure built in New Orleans and across the Gulf Coast. Hillary believes that it is unacceptable that 20 months after the storms, New Orleans is still coping with vulnerable levees, closed hospitals, dilapidated schools, rising crime, halting economic development, and a shocking lack of affordable housing. Hillary also believes that the people of New Orleans and the region – with real federal commitment and meaningful federal aid – can overcome these challenges. Here is what she would do to help them: “

HOLD THE PRESSES!! It has been 20 months since GWB caused that hurricane, correct? What has the MAYOR of New Orleans done with the BILLIONS he has received from Uncle Sam? What has the GOVERNOR of that state done with the BILLIONS she has received from Uncle Sam? Not much, it would seem and Hillary thinks MORE would be good?

Take a look at #4…this is TOO much!! Behold…

4) Build A Reliable Hurricane Protection System So There Is Not Another Katrina

“There are still clear gaps and deficiencies in the city’s hurricane defenses. Senator Clinton would immediately order an independent, stem-to-stern review of the Army Corps of Engineers’ plans and progress thus far. She would fully fund and expedite construction to ensure the city has reliable defenses this hurricane season, and would order the Corps to achieve Category 5 protection over time. And, because every 2 to 4 miles of wetlands reduces storm surges by a foot, she would require the Army Corps and other federal agencies to integrate a wetlands restoration plan as a vital component of hurricane protection efforts.”

Are we to believe that the above actions will make sure that “another Katrina doesn’t happen”? All “sound goods”, when actually studied, are more often than not, political double-speak and just plain out of touch, dumb, insulting and just plain stupid. For YEARS and YEARS, the mayor and governor SQUANDERED federal funds and NO was left to be the cesspool it has become.

I recall explicitly that the NO disaster was GWB’s fault. It was never viably explained how that was so when the major and governor turned down federal aid and let the people do as they pleased…business as usual. Amazing.

Yet, once again, Hillary the socialist claims that through her Superwoman, Supersocialist powers, she can ensure the world that she and ONLY she can make it impossible for another Katrina to happen.

And God couldn’t sink the Titanic, either.


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