Hillary At The Bar?


I read this article and the very last paragraph flows as follows: “…Senator Clinton has been described so often as a transitional figure that she must be sick to death of the term. But perhaps that is what she will inevitably be in this race. Since the first Democratic debate her poll numbers have slowly risen. It may be that voters are more convinced of her opposition to the war in Iraq. It may be that Barack Obama seems slightly less magical than his early showing suggested. Or it may be that all those women who dreamed of Ms. President are realizing that there was always going to be a way station between guy politics as usual and a new female style of leadership. The public Hillary Clinton may always seem more presidential than approachable. But perhaps this time around, no matter who runs and who wins, Americans will figure out that they are electing a president, not a drinking buddy.”

Anna Quindlen has inferred in previous paragraphs that the public generally chose a man they could “belly up to the bar” with and discuss things over a beer.  (Was that one of those sexist remarks?  Are those legal?)  It was “Rather” difficult to ascertain whether she was bashing Bush or bashing men in general.  Nevertheless,  I got the impression that she thinks that Hillary would be a great choice for president because she brings “a new female  style of leadership.”

I have a post over at my private blog called Know Thy Enemy.  I didn’t write it.  It was done by a guest writer and I agree with the entire article.  It is always good to know your enemy and with Hillary taking to heart her earlier political mentor, a radical socialist, and building on those principles,  it would behoove folks to learn a lot more about this woman lusting after the presidency and the power it brings.

Make no mistake.  Hillary is a control monger coupled with being an adamant socialist.  She wants control over you and me.  She wants YOUR money to pay for HER socialist ideals and principles.  If she REALLY felt the way she shrills about,  she would gladly surrender her OWN millions to the poor and down trodden.


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