Hillarys’ War Room


Bill Clinton’s New Role – Jonathan Darman, Newsweek

Hillary’s War Room…”Meanwhile, Hillary’s War Room will get its first major test next month with the publication of two biographies, one by journalist Carl Bernstein and the other by investigative reporters Jeff Gerth and Don Van Natta. Senator Clinton’s campaign professes to be prepared for-but not preoccupied with-the books. Wolfson, who oversees rapid response, says he has done enough due diligence to combat any charges against either Clinton. Senator Clinton’s best hope is that she and her husband have grown since leaving the White House, and that she can convince the country she is a figure for the future, not one of the past. ..”

Ya gotta love the MSLSD, I mean the MSNBC. They haven’t figured out yet that no matter the color one paints a turd, it is STILL a turd.

The article is designed as a distraction technique utilized by the Master Distractors, the Clintonistas. There is NO mention of the Clintonistas’ socialist ties, dating waaaaaaaaaay back to their college activism days or the former presidents’ draft dodging escapades and deceptions. There were references to Bill’s “odd behavior” in the White House but that was just Bill being Bill. Do we want Bill back in the White House with Bill being just Bill…AGAIN?

The title to the article is, “Does Bill Help or Hurt Hillary?”. That is a matter of perspective. If one is an immoral cad, the answer would be no. If one is a blind follower of the blind, the answer would be no. If one is of the type that claim ignorance and say, “That was in the past, let’s move forward”, than the answer is no.

Bill is a scabbed over infected boil on the rump of America and Hillary is the nurse maid with no license to practice.


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