Hillary Runs To The left?


Again? Imagine that. Naturally, returning to her originating ideologies from a long ago era is a natural thing to do…yes?

“Just as the ’08 Republican contenders are running to the right, in competition for conservative primary voters (witness Rudy Giuliani’s embrace of water-boarding), we have the ’08 Democratic contenders running leftward, in pursuit of liberal primary voters. The latter was in evidence the other day, on the U.S. Senator floor, where Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama felt compelled to ratchet up their opposition to the war.

Which, in their case, required that they do a little flip flopping.”

Even leftists bloggers see the changing of positions to match the changing of “scenery”. If one reads the comments, one can see clearly the heavy and dense fog over the eyes of the Hillary supporters.

“Both candidates had long insisted that withdrawal deadlines were generally a bad idea; just one month ago, Obama had argued that “nobody wants to play chicken with our troops on the ground,” and Clinton was on record, as early as 2005, saying that any deadline “gives a green light to the insurgents.” But now, with the primary season drawing near, with liberal antiwar groups demanding more fealty, and with one of their own ’08 rivals goading them to support a war funding cutoff, they have decided that consistency would be bad politics.”

How can anyone truly and with heart-felt integrity support such would-be presidents?

Amazing. Simply amazing.


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