Rodham or no Rodham


What’s in a name? And does it matter? “While she is known to millions simply as “Hillary,” New York’s junior senator is having something of an identity crisis in her official life.

When it comes to running for president, she is “Hillary Clinton,” according to her campaign Web site. But when it comes to her official Senate releases, she is still “Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

The Clinton camp appeared to be at a loss to come up with an explanation when the Albany Times Union newspaper asked about it.

“I haven’t, I haven’t,” Clinton said with laugh when asked about her apparent name change.

A strategic decision? Clinton campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson told the newspaper: “That’s a fair question, but there’s no plan behind it.”

The name game has been going on for some time in Clinton’s world.

When Hillary Rodham married Bill Clinton in 1975, she kept using her maiden name as he pursued his political career in Arkansas and she built her reputation as a lawyer in Little Rock. But, in the wake of his loss in a re-election race for governor, she began using “Hillary Clinton.” He won back the governorship.”

“Hillary Rodham Clinton” became the standard in 1993 as the Clintons moved into the White House. She continued to use that when she ran for Senate from New York in 2000.”

So, Hillary, what does it all mean? Are you ashamed of the stigma behind Whitewater Rodham? Hello?


One Response to “Rodham or no Rodham”

  1. Dean Says:

    Rodham equates to Rotten. Perhaps that is why.
    It never fails to amuse me how this cow can get away with her lies and still look people in the eye. Because her last name is Clinton she can suborn any deception and still smile….or is that grin…like the ghoul she is.

    Why hec I’ll vote for her the very day I see pigs fly or receive advertisements from Satan himself informing me that Hell is now giving away ice water for free.

    The Clinton Book of The Dead should be written and widely distributed. They both have much to conceal and sweep under the rugs.

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