Hillary: Socialism In Womens’ Wages


Rich Lowry has written a piece entitled, “The Great Clinton/Obama Feminist Pander.” Kind of catchy, isn’t it? It opens up as follows: “The front-runners in the Democratic presidential race have discovered the power of an idea whose time has passed: socialism in women’s wages. Its power is in pandering to feminist voters, and its time passed because it never made any sense even when it was a bright, shiny new bad idea some 30 years ago.”

UH OH! a “shiny new bad idea some 30 years ago.” Yeah. I remember those days. ERA. Bra burning. If it feels good, do it. Rampant immorality pretty much everywhere you looked or went. Anti-establishment. The counter culture…now THERE was a fine upstanding group of people right there, eh? Take a look at my avatar and you will see two perfect examples of the counter culture. One became president and the other is a wanna-be. Lord have mercy.

The two, Hillary and Obama but primarily Hillary, think that they can legislate morality or legislate good behavior. Socialists think this way, naturally. It is about control. Don’t like something? Make a law. It matters not to Hillary and those like her that there are already laws on the books making it illegal to discriminate and commit prejudice. There’s that morality legislation again. Does it work?

“…Hillary Clinton has renewed her push for her Paycheck Fairness Act, and Sen. Barack Obama has endorsed the Fair Pay Act. Whenever the word “fair” features so prominently in Democratic legislation, the odds are that it is economically illiterate…” He has a point. All this kind of legislation does is to create more costs for the employers. The laws already enforce equal pay for equal work but this, evidently, is not “good enough”. Sometimes I think there is a secret government agency somewhere that sits around and creates new definitions of words. Like distorting the Constitution of the United States claiming it is a living and breathing document. I have seen the official display of the Constitution and I didn’t see any life-support equipment hooked up to the vacuum sealed box it “lives” in.

“…What Clinton and Obama want to establish is the more nebulous concept of “comparable worth,” or equal pay for different work in female- and male-dominated professions. The Obama-endorsed bill mandates equal pay for “equivalent jobs,” while Clinton’s bill would establish voluntary “guidelines to enable employers to evaluate job categories” — all in the cause of increasing wages in female-dominated jobs beyond that determined by the market…” There’s that socialism garbage again. Who is it that defines these terms the socialists invent to “sound good” or that “appeals” to the ignorant? The “voluntary guidelines” is another scary term which in the end, costs employers more funds, thus slicing into their profit margins. AH! Socialists don’t like that evil profit thing unless it is theirs to have and to hold until death do they part. Hillary is a very dangerous woman, make no mistake.

The socialist Hillary suffers from bad data and wrong-headed thinking. My Dad used to call it stinkin’-thinkin’. She is under the delusion that women only make 77% of what men make. In my line of work, I haven’t seen that in years and years and rightfully so. Baruch College economist June O’Neill finds — adjusting for factors like schooling, lifetime work experience, and workplace characteristics — that the gap almost disappears, with women making 95 percent of men’s wages.

A “woman” said that, Miss Queen Hillary. Many more, the majority, of economists have similar figures so where oh where is this mythical “gap”?

“The main source of productivity differences between women and men stems from the lesser amount of time and energy that many women can commit to labor market careers as a result of the division of labor within the family,” O’Neill writes. “Women continue to work part time more than men and to choose work situations such as work in nonprofit institutions and occupations that more easily can be accommodated with home responsibilities.”

And therein lies the “gap” issue. Women CHOOSE “lesser” jobs to stay home and raise their children instead of allowing a Putrid (Public) School System raise their children thus, they have lesser paying jobs. It is “Rather” simple to see once you take Hillary’s lies out of the equation.

The article ends thusly, sure to irritate the hell out of The Hillary: “Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama might wish this fact weren’t so, but there’s no way for them to legislate it out of existence, even with a very bad, dated idea.”


4 Responses to “Hillary: Socialism In Womens’ Wages”

  1. forty-two Says:

    I seriously doubt that employers sit around all day trying to make sure men make a higher wage. It just isn’t done. In my industry I have seen where men are promoted more frequently than women are, and I’m not entirely sure why that is. Maybe my perceptions are a bit skewed, but in almost every case where a promotion opened up (at my various past jobs), and it was the guy who got the job; it was ALWAYS a woman manager who promoted him. I wrote a paper on this in college since the phenomenon was something I observed going back to the early 80s.

    Once I worked for a major international corporation which appointed a woman to run our division. No lie, her first decree as president was that the place was a mess and we all needed to tidy up our desks.

    And we women wonder why we aren’t taken seriously.

  2. snooper Says:

    Amazing, isn’t? It seems to me that the more the socialists try to legislate “morality” the worse the wedges are set.

  3. forty-two Says:

    Legislating equal wages is just stupid. I’ve done some hiring and all I care about is getting the right person for the job. The wages are all set ahead of time and usually that is variable only if the person is considering another position elsewhere and then we negotiate the bonus or vacation time or some other non-salary item.

  4. snooper Says:

    I surmise you will not be voting for Hillary? You will be considered a misguided woman.

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