Hillary: ‘No Appetite’ for Bush Impeachment


NewsMax must cause Hillary and her blind-as-bats followers much consternation. Hopefully, they suffer from sleep deprivation as well. Hillary, in her ever incessant appeasement mode, manages to aggravate and agitate many others in the various groups she seeks to garner support from. When she angers potential supporters in other groups as she pleases potential supporters in different groups, she has staff members making appearance schedules around the country soothing ruffled feathers.

This statement REALLY ruffled some feathers: “…Clinton said there does not appear to be the “appetite or support” in Congress to try to impeach Bush, but “we’re going to have to reform the government and these unqualified cronies.” And who would these unqualified cronies be? And what has the president done to deserve impeachment? Does she not read the Constitution? The guidelines therein are exactly explicit. I find it amazing, but not unexpected, that the fools touting impeachment procedures never back their allegations up with what constitutional violations the president has allegedly committed.

Perhaps this statement can shed some light onto the darkness of Queen Hillary…”If this president does not end this war before he leaves office, when I am president, I will…” This statement has one of those “sound good” qualities to those that have no understanding as to the reason(s) we are at war with terrorists. Also, Hillary, and others, offer no substantial or viable suggestions as to HOW “they will end the war”. DO they? Has anyone ever heard an offering as to “how”?

“…We are ready to try to end this war in Iraq. I am so proud of your Senator Harry Reid…” Proud of Mr Defeatist himself? I bet she is waffling at this one. For an depth explanations as to why I say this, it is abundantly clear…she has made no comments in reference to the Surrender Monkey protests conducted at the Reid and Pelosi camps in three cities, a coordinated effort by Patriotic Americans. Do I question Hillary’s patriotism? Well, for one thing, I am not sure as to where her allegiance is sworn to. If it is for her socialistic tendencies and beliefs, I would say she is no more an American Patriot than say King Assad was.

These statements of Hillary’s were made waaaaaaaaay back in April 2007 and I am pretty sure she is trying to sweep them under her socialist rug in her skeleton closet.


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