Another Socialist Feather


Birds of a feather, as it were.  Here we go with some early endorsements for the first potential female socialist to be the next POTUS.  I guess the air is still too cold up in the NE and the blood flow to the cranial cavities runs like thick goo.

Exclusive: Clinton gets key New Hampshire endorsement

Wonderful.  The already LARGE-headed prima-donna will now be over elated that a fellow socialist has thrown in.  I wonder how much that cost the campaign and the American people?  What was promised?  We can only hope that the same result will  transpire with the last candidate which was endorsed by Sylvia Larsen.

“New Hampshire state Senate President Sylvia Larsen, of Concord, formally endorsed Hillary Clinton for president this afternoon, marking one of the biggest endorsements for the New York senator thus far.

The announcement came at a press conference shortly after 2 p.m. this afternoon in New Hampshire. The Globe had reported earlier in the day that Larsen was expected to formally voice support for Clinton.

Larsen has been one of the biggest players in New Hampshire Democratic politics for a decade. In 2004, she was the first person to endorse John Kerry’s presidential campaign and helped guide him to his eventual victory in the New Hampshire Primary.

Larsen joins fellow state Senator Betsi DeVries, a Manchester Democrat, in her support of Clinton. Three other state senators have endorsed John Edwards’s campaign and yesterday the Barack Obama campaign announced that state Senator Martha Fuller Clark, of Portsmouth, had agreed to serve as one of four co-chairs of his New Hampshire organization. Freshman State Senator Harold Janeway is also reportedly with Obama.”


5 Responses to “Another Socialist Feather”

  1. snooper Says:

    Oh good heavens! Hillary’s “blog”. “Vote for my theme song…” JUST DON’T SING IT, HILLARY!!!

  2. snooper Says:

    OK. I signed up for the blog. This is what I posted and we shall see if it “makes it”.

    “Linda from Ohio said…”This is a great list of songs. One that comes to my mind is “Imagine” by John Lennon. I can only “imagine” living in a country run by a figure as honest and compassionate as Hillary.”

    You are still young yet, obviously. You have NO idea who and what you are supporting.

    Imagine if there weren’t any socialists disguised as democrats running for president. Ah. How sweet it would be.”

    John Lennon? Good Lord!!

  3. snooper Says:

    I was going to post this as a main piece but after reading it, I couldn’t do it so, here it is.

    The race is on for the hearts and minds of women in New Hampshire and that “witch Hillary” is coming.


  4. snooper Says:

    News FLASH! Hillary says she will only sing if she wins!

    WHEW!! I was beginning to worry. She just said we wouldn’t be hearing from her in song.

  5. Another Socialist Feather « Freedom Ain’t Free Says:

    […] Another Socialist Feather […]

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