Hillary, Inc


The Nation This is a classic and should be shouted from the rooftops! Oh. Wait. It is.

“In a packed ballroom in midtown Manhattan, Hillary Clinton is addressing hundreds of civil rights activists and labor leaders convened by the Rev. Al Sharpton [the most bigoted and racist man in the United States. Now THERE is something to be proud of, isn’t it?] for his annual National Action Network conference. The junior senator from New York starts slowly but picks up steam when she hits on the economic anxiety many in the room feel. [Feel? Is that opinion or fact?] “We’re not making progress,” she says, [“we” aren’t? Which “we” is she speaking of? Could it be her socialist cronies and her racist and bigoted slackers like Sharpton?] her sharp [make that SHRILL] Midwestern monotone accented with a bit of Southern twang. “Wages are flat.” [They are? Does she not pay attention to the financial markets? Unemployment is at its LOWEST in history. The economy is booming. What in the world is she babbling about?] Nods of agreement. [Because those nodding are dumber than a box of rocks…her type of muppet.] “This economy is not working!” [Silly woman. yes it is and she HATES it. The economy is doing so well that the socialists are losing their death-grip on the MAJORITY of Americans.] Applause. [from stupid people] She’s not quite the rhetorical populist her husband was on the campaign trail, but she can still feel your pain. [Ya, sure. I have some ocean-front property for sale in Minot, ND] “Everything has been skewed,” Clinton says, [The first thing she has said that is true in months…NAY!…years, I am sure. And she is one of the chief skewers. She is an EXCELLENT liar.] jabbing her index finger for emphasis, “to help the privileged and the powerful at the expense of everybody else!” [Hitlery REALLY does need psychiatric help. Isn’t SHE one of those “privileged and the powerful”? Her ally Soros too? Sharpton? Name any other prominent liberal? Didn’t she and her wanna-be First He-man just purchase ocean-front property in the Dominican Republic?]

OK. This is all of this article I can handle at the moment and it is only one paragraph. You will have to go there and read the rest and come back to make comments, should you survive the rest.

I’m done. This woman is dangerous.


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