Hillary in the lead in Ohio


But with high negatives

A recently released Quinnipac poll has Hillary Clinton leading the Democratic presidential candidates in Ohio. She has the lead with 38% with Senator Barack Obama in second with 19% while Edwards and Gore lag behind with 11% and 10%.

Interestingly enough, another New Yorker leads on the GOP side as well with former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani leading Senator John McCain 23% to 17%. And Both McCain and Giuliani lead Hillary in a general election match-up; Giuliani 47-43 and McCain 45-44.

What is really interesting, and has to be troubling for Mrs. Clinton, is her high negatives. The former first lady has 45 unfavorable versus 46 favorable with only a net of plus 1. This is the lowest of any of the major candidates of either party.

How could this be? Must be that right-wing conspiracy Hillary is always talking about. How else could so many Americans have an unfavorable opinion about such a public servant? Perhaps they don’t buy attempts to show the Senator’s softer side with video chats and sweet talk. Maybe they remember her machinations in the White House (Health Care, travel office, billing records, etc.). Maybe they have a gut feeling that the velvet covering the iron fist is pretty thin. Maybe they are right . . .


3 Responses to “Hillary in the lead in Ohio”

  1. snooper Says:

    LOL!! “…Perhaps they don’t buy attempts to show the Senator’s softer side with video chats and sweet talk…”

    Perhaps they heard her sing? LOL!!

  2. MissBeth Says:

    Her voice runs up my spine like nails on a chalk board…and I’d prefer hearing Freddy Kreuger’s “nails” to this one’s voice ANY DAY!

  3. snooper Says:

    bone-chilling shrills…ugh!

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