Hillary? Consistent?


Oh, absolutely! Hillary is absolutely consistently inconsistent! She was FOR consistency before she was against it. As a fellow blogger has stated, “What part, exactly, is consistent? Cutting off funding? Being against cutting off funding?”

Senator Clinton in an original move on Capitol Hill, “voted Wednesday to advance legislation cutting off money for the Iraq War, then refused to pledge to support the measure if it came to a vote, then said she would”. This sounds “vaguely” familiar, yes?

“At lunchtime, the New York senator and presidential candidate was asked repeatedly by reporters whether she favored the troop withdrawal legislation that had just come up for a procedural vote on the Senate floor.” UH OH! Someone has DARED to nail her down on a position. Again, this is akin to the John Kerry maneuver…or so it seems? I love her answer…so indicative of a deep psychological need to be a consistent liar.”

Her answer: “I’m not going to speculate on what I’m going to be voting on in the future. I voted in favor of cloture to have a debate.” Would that be a FUTURE debate or a debate that has already taken place, Hillary?

By supper time, she had a different answer.

“I support the underlying bill,” she said. “That’s what this vote on cloture was all about.” Then, there is going to be a debate or is Speaker Pelosi going to squelch the opposing side, again?

You know? This would-be President sends so many mixed signals. Consistent? Stable? Not a chance. Then we have this…

“Clinton said she wants her vote to send a message to Iraqi leaders that they have to do more to stabilize their country before the United States will commit to a longer troop presence there. ” Hello? Isn’t that like a future thing? To be able to send a message somewhere, that would OR should imply that it hasn’t taken place yet. Does time stand still for this woman, or what?

Good God! Mrs Non-Committal wants to send a message of stability? Mrs “I take Lessons From King Flip-Flop Kerry” Clinton is no more stable than I am an Irish Setter. As for Hillary looking or presenting herself as “presidential”, I have heard someone say, “Looking like her husband” maybe, but not looking presidential.

I wouldn’t trust this socialist to sweep out my garage let alone be the next POTUS.


3 Responses to “Hillary? Consistent?”

  1. MissBeth Says:

    LOL! I have a column up about this as well, sent to me through my email from our friend solo!

  2. snooper Says:

    Shrillary really is transparent. The problem is, she doesn’t know that.

  3. Hillary? Consistent? « Freedom Ain’t Free Says:

    […] Poor Hitlery  She has been taking lessons from the King of Flip-Flop, kerry. […]

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