Control, Control, Control…Where Will It Lead?


Bill Keeps Low Profile in Hillary Campaign

From News Max, we may have it inferred that the former POTUS is a “behind the scenes” type of campaign entity of his wife Hillary. I don’t necessarily trust that assessment.

“By all accounts, former President Clinton is a powerful behind-the-scenes force in Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign, ensuring the spotlight stays on his wife.” Since when? Isn’t it Bill that has aspirations of being King of The United Nations? He is going to take a backseat while his WINO (wife in name only) gets the spotlights? Democrats don’t do such things…defer recognition and benevolence to others. Let me explain what I mean. Well, let me quote a friend of mine that posted this tidbit of information at the Gathering of Eagles forum: If you will look at the world, you will see that people who are concerned primarily with their own desires and self interests are liberal in their world view. When they speak of helping others, this does not mean that they really care about the needs of other people, they just want to be “in charge” to provide a cover for their own greed. These are the people who want to give the hungry man a fish. People who are less selfish, less controlling are wanting to teach the hungry man how to fish so he can feed himself. These tend to be more conservative in their world view.” Neither of the adult Clintons are conservative in doctrine, mantra or tenet by any stretch of the imagination.

Again, from NewsMax: “…No more promises of a two-for-one political bargain, especially since Bill has been so busy with charity work to be a full-time player in the 2008 race…”. Oh? Again: “…But that all will change, says the New York Times…”. Interesting. What does the NYT know that Hillary doesn’t know? Let us see, shall we? Keep in mind the above quote from a friend of mine at the GoE…

“…The newspaper says there will be a point when Bill abandons his low-profile role and goes public “in a big way” as his wife gets closer to the White House in her own right: His own campaign plane, his own schedule of events, and campaign appearances separate from hers…” And there we have it. One of the top liberal news outlets has spilled the beans and my friend’s quote comes true. See? We conservatives aren’t so “out of touch”, are we? We have known this about the liberals for years and especially with the Clinton Clan. William Jefferson Clinton has no intentions of sitting on his laurels while his wife of all things steals his tainted glory.

“…But Hillary’s camp has been careful to control Bill’s involvement in the campaign, reports the Times, aware that his participation is not risk-free. He does not participate in staff conference calls or call Hillary’s aides directly. The goal? To avoid confusion over who’s in charge, as well as leaks. ..”. Control. That’s the ticket. Even though Bill has eight years experience as a President of the United States, his offerings at planning and strategy meetings are not only not welcomed but shunned. It is the usual mantra, “I know how and you don’t” or, “You did it all wrong” or, “I can do it better”. They never offer anything as an alternative yet they whine and complain about everything. Simply amazing. Bill Clinton WON TWO presidential elections and even though I cannot stomach the thought of being in the same room with the charlatan that he is/was/is, I am pretty confident that he would have some valuable input in his WIFE’S campaign. But, Hillary says, “I am in charge”. Ah. There’s that “in charge” flaw in the character.

Uh oh! “…The Times says Hillary’s advisers know Bill’s political weaknesses and his past disappointments, especially the Monica Lewinsky scandal and the impeachment. They fear his undisciplined moments and worry that his “love for the cut and thrust of politics could unleash that side, especially if he believes her campaign is in trouble.” Cut and thrust being used in the same paragraph as Monica Lewinsky is one of those weird literary faux pas incidents, yes? What would he do? Throw down on Hillary or one of the aids or one of the interns right there on the conference room table? The two of them are a mockery to anything decent and honorable in the White House. The more I think of it the “oogier” I get…my skin crawls.

“…”When you’re dealing with the Clintons in ’08, you essentially have two candidates — her and him — and he’s going to have to have a Boy Scout report card given his history,” Douglas Brinkley, the presidential historian, told the Times. “He can definitely help her, but that also means he can hurt her.”…”. STOP THE PRESSES! Bill with a Boy Scout report card? In which life? This one? The next one? The one before this one? WHAT? And I like the gobbledy-gook “he can definitely help her, but that also means that he can hurt her”. What, are we 7 years old all of a sudden? Liberals. They jumble up a bunch of words together and they think they have all the answers. I asked my 12 year old to read this NewsMax article and give me a 30-second run down on the characters. The statement was/is precious: “Where do they get these people?” LOL!

“…Bill is laying low for now, partly because he thinks voters need to get to know his wife better. His belief is that the electorate will “warm up to her” eventually…” Not a chance there, slick. He is laying low because that voice of Hillary’s is enough to shatter the glass in the Oval Office at 1,000 yards. Get a grip and say it like it is for crying out loud. No wonder he “stepped out”…how many times? Good Lord Almighty!

“He’s not just sitting in Chappaqua watching the game on TV and calling everybody in the campaign with advice,” Melanne Verveer, a close friend and adviser of Hillary, told the Times. “He brings enormous strength and assets but is in a very secondary role.” And just how “close” is this friend and adviser and to which one? Well, Bill could be down in the Dominican Republic checking out the suits on the beach of their new place, right? Secondary role? I betcha he just seethes and stews and wishes he could play with another cigar.



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